Winged Waistcoat

Historically inspired waistcoat with winged decoration on the back.

One of the things I like in costuming is the unexpected and decorating the back of things not just the front. So when someone asked for a Regency/Victorian waistcoat inspired by the winged waistcoat worn by Daryl Dixon in the Walking Dead tv series I didn't take much persuading.

The pattern is taken from waistcoats worn throughout the Regency, but made up in a fabric that brought to mind a Victorian aesthetic. Instead of brocades and floral patterns, the aim was to create a more practical down to earth look that could be dressed up or down as performances required. The wings are hand drawn and appliqued to the back piece before assembly with the edges left raw to allow for a more natural feathered look over time. As per customer request, the buttons were sewn on with extra strong linen thread and the entire piece is machine washable. The waistline, while still higher than modern waistcoats, was also lowered to match the waistline of some of the modern trousers they intended to wear with it.

To commission a similar waistcoat would start at £90 depending on level of decoration requested and materials chosen. An unadorned waistcoat would start at £70.

The photos were taken by the very talented Oliver Facey during a preview event for a LRP called Tales Out Of Anchor.

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Winged Waistcoat FrontWinged Waistcoat Back detail