Modified Hussar Jacket

Man wearing a red hussar jacket looking out of the window.

Originally created for a (fictional) wealthy merchant's son living in the 1820s for a Live Roleplaying Event called Masquerades & Massacres. While the character was part of the 7th Queen's Own Hussars, who did not wear red, the game was set in an alternate reality where (to make the distinction clear in game between the various military forces) the army wore red. The client already had a pair of cavalry trousers sourced from a local theatre sale and was able to provide a modern shell jacket to use as a base.

Having decided on the Hussars, the jacket was trimmed to a higher waistline and embellished with 25+ metres of braid as well as over 70 buttons to emulate a Hussar jacket of the period. To complete the look a red waistcoat made to match.

A variety of braid can be used to achieve the rich look of an Hussar jacket, and can be simplified or added to as desired. Finer braid can be used to add detail across shoulders and along the collar in place of the simplified look used here.

To commission a similar outfit would cost £500+ depending on level of decoration requested. Shell jacket and waistcoat can both be made from scratch in place of modifying an existing garment. While not included in this ensemble, a pelisse with furtrim could also be made to match.

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  Neck close-up, Hussar jacket Matched braid and buttons on waistcoat and jacket.Side view of Hussar outfit showing sleeve detailing.