Regency Stripes

Striped Regency Dress


It is no secret to those who know me that I love stripes. Regency, particularly mid Regency fashion is an excellent opportunity to play with stripes and printed cotton fabrics. This dress was entirely inspired by the fabric. While not historically accurate, the pattern of the dress gives a period impression that is suited to modern underwear. The stripes were used to emphasise the back seams and also to follow the braid trimmed sleeves. The hem was then finished in a curved scallop to contrast with all the straight lines. Hand made tassels were made to decorate the sleeves as well as the highly anachronistic but very practical waist hung reticule.

The basic Regency inspired dress can be made to look very different purely by choice of trim and sleeve details and there are many surviving fashion plates from which you can get ideas. See some of the other gallery pics of Regency dresses made using the same pattern.

To commission a similar dress would start at £120+ depending on level of decoration requested and materials chosen.

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Sleeve detail with handmade tasselBack detail showing stripe alignment.Close-up of reticule with handmade tassels.Hem detail and matching shoe ribbons.