Purple Redingote

y style redingote/pelisse


Made for the Regency Promenade in Bath, this outfit was originally inspired by a hat. When we both agreed that the hat was one worn by Miss Bingley, it was clear myself and the current owner were on the same wave length. Some of the detailing is taken from a pale blue Pelisse in The Museum of London. The pelisse was made for a trousseau in 1823 for the wedding of the grandmother of the donor. As the hat was black, it was decided that jewel colours would properly show off the boldness that Miss Bingley might portray.

The seams were bound in teal tafetta to contrast with the satin, and the vandyke sleeves edged in the same. As a nod to modern practicality, an entirely anachronistic mobile phone pocket was snuck into the waistband.

To commission a similar outfit would cost £150+ depending on level of decoration requested and materials chosen.

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Piped back seams and biasbound belt.Jacket frontInternal pocket