Cpt. of the Aerial Corps

Regency and 1940s inspired military ensemble in green velvet.


Originally created for a (fictional) time-travelling aerial corps captain living in the 1820s for a Live Roleplaying Event called Masquerades & Massacres. Inspired by the Temeraire series of books by Naomi Novik, the brief was for a Regency style waistcoat and shell jacket, suited to wearing with modern trousers, as well as a 1940s pattern greatcoat.

The three items were made in cotton velvet, interlined with wool for warmth in the shell jacket and greatcoat. Trim ideas were taken from a number of jackets within the period as well as from later 19th century jackets. The shell jacket features a quilted interior lining and an internal pocket. The greatcoat was drafted from a vintage greatcoat and I am reliably informed by the owner that the velvet version has withstood a Glaswegian winter.

To commission a similar outfit would cost £300+ depending on level of decoration requested and materials chosen.

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Image showing the shell jacket and waistcoatGreatcoatGreatcoat