Kurbits Hood

Green medieval hood with reverse appliqué and hand embroidery.


This hood fuses two of my big loves, the medieval and the folkloric. Inspired by the floral patterns and shapes of the kurbits style of Scandinavian painting as well as the bright primary colours of the folk costume, the reverse appliqué is formed by hand using contrasting wools and gold hand-dyed silk. To further emphasise the design, the edge has been cut to follow the embroidery. Silk tablet woven braid has been added to the edge to match the embroidery, and the clasp is a reproduction of archaeological finds in Novgorod.

A similar lined hood would cost around £100-150 depending on materials used and complexity of the embellishment. Unembellished hoods start at £50

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Image showing appliqué on reverse of hood.Shaped hem detail