Robe of Dust

Appliqued Hooded Robe

Created for a fantasy character from a seafaring nation with a rich trading tradition, the brief was to show prosperity and also a flair for dancing as well as being practical. Drawing inspiration from an image called 'Fatima at the closet draw' by Arthur Rackham, as well as the decorated hoods worn by Sibylla in Kingdom of Heaven, the final layer of the outfit was a heavy and warm coat.

The robelike coat is made of thick woven cotton with gold brocade inserts and gold applique in both raised work and lace. The lining is a silky dust coloured viscose. Brocade appliqué finishes off both cuffs.

While it would not be possible to completely replicate this design to commission a similar jacket would start at £200 depending on level of decoration requested and materials chosen.

Click on the images below for larger images.

Back of robe showing princess lines and gores.Back detail showing gold work.Side view showing sleeve detail